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The Most Amazing and Astonishing Properties of Birthstone Jewellery

Birthstone jewellery is something that we have all commonly heard about but probably never pondered its significance. If you are not wearing a gemstone that suits your birth timing, this blog is probably a gentle reminder to get one for yourself and your loved ones. Lustruosly gleaming with significance, these precious gemstones chosen based on your birth month are sure to fetch you mystical benefits.


The purpose of wearing gorgeous & graceful stones is to attract harmony, balance, healing, abundance, prosperity, peace, and luck into your life. They also help in minimising or altering the influence of faults in your birth chart due to planetary alignment, that can also help to ward off negative and bad energies.

As we can understand from the name, birthstones are often associated with the months you are born in. They are also based on zodiac signs and this blog is sure to give you some idea about what are your lucky stones.

January: Garnet

Analytical, born-leaders, and independent, January birthstones are best paired with Garnet, whose roots trace back to the Nile Delta in 3100 B.C. Drop-dead gorgeous like the ruby-coloured pomegranate, garnet is a dazzling gemstone that looks so exotic that you will love flaunting earrings that will enhance your style statement as well as protect you from negativity. The birthstone is also known to help balance the root chakras and regulate blood circulation.

February: Amethyst

Amethyst is believed to ward off toxicities, keeping the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted. Admired for its deep purple hue and pale lilac shade, the February birthstone is symbolic of inner strength and mental clarity. Additionally, it looks equally stunning when worn as a birthstone ring or stunning pendant.

March: Aquamarine

The March birthstone, which means "sea water," is said to protect, increase intellect, and bring marital love. The calming colour has an aura that goes well with the affectionate March borns. It makes for a perfect stone for fine jewellery like rings, earrings, and pendants.

April: Diamond

Creative and intelligent, the April birthstones have their luck sealed in diamonds. The gem has been a status symbol for ages and is prized for its clarity, scintillating beauty, and brilliance. Diamonds look stunning in any design and form.

May: Emerald

This birthstone is believed to enhance the intellect of its wearer, who is a self-expressive and strong-willed May birthstone. The stunning green hue of an emerald always looks rich and remarkable, especially with sterlingsilver gemstone jewellery made with love and care.

June: Moonstone

Romantic, kind-hearted, and friendly, June birthstone babies get a range of gemstones to choose from. The best among these is Moonstone. This leaves you with a range of products that can be made for your daily use so that your creative side gets activated, you become balanced, and you are able to cool down your emotions and tension. Best worn in the form of necklaces, moonstones will invite luck and restoration. Highly beneficial to its wearer, this birthstone is associated with fertility and femininity.

July: Ruby

Strengthening relationships, improving mental well-being, building professional excellence, and warding off evil—rubies are the king of gemstones. The radiant red rubies crown your entire jewellery chest like no other. Sincere, candid, and witty individuals born in July will love this gemstone with a bright crimson colour with pink and orange undertones.

August: Peridot

Perfect for brave August borns, peridot is the modern birthstone for them. It is a yellowish, lemony-green gem variety of the mineral olivine. The peridot birthstone has emotional and psychological healing properties and directly works on the heart chakra, increasing the strength and vitality of the wearer.

September: Sapphire

Calming the mind, strengthening intuition, and inviting spiritual clarity, the September birthstone sapphire is very popular and one of the most treasured gemstones. While it comes in a lot of colours, the most commonly worn and adored is undoubtedly the gorgeous blue one that removes unwanted thoughts from the wearer’s mind.

October: Tourmaline

Tourmaline, the modern birthstone for October, has powerful grounding properties, energising and balancing the chakras. The October borns are blessed with both inner and outer beauty, and the tones of pink, green, and blueish-purple are some of the most sought-after tourmaline shades for jewellery.

November: Citrine

Desired for its calming yellow and orange shades, citrine is the birthstone for secretive, inquisitive, and dynamic November birthstone babies. Derived from the Old French word for lemon, "citron," this gemstone is said to be a gift from the sun. Citrine helps with emotional and physical healing and chakra balancing, bringing success and prosperity to the wearer.

December: Tanzanite

Honesty and trusthworth December borns are well-aligned with the birthstone tanzanite that was discovered in Tanzania and has a hue ranging from rich blue to deep violet. This gemstone is believed to impart its wearer with enhanced intuition, spiritual awakening, and higher consciousness.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Properties of Birthstone Jewelry

Which is the most powerful birthstone?

The September birthstone, Blue Sapphire, is considered to be the most powerful gemstone in astrology and is inarguably associated with success, name, and fame.

What are the three rarest birthstones?

Alexandrite, lovingly called emerald by day and ruby by night, is one of the rarest birthstones that changes colours.

Black opal, an excellent absorber of negative energies, derives its name from the Sanskrit term "Upala,” meaning precious stone.

Tanzanite, found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, is probably the rarest birthstone that enhances self-expression.

What is the king of all birthstones?

Deemed the King of all birthstones, diamonds bring love, laughter, and luxury to the wearer. Explore JewelPin, the best wholesale birthstone jewellery supplier that provides great goods and better services for wholesalers and retailers.