JewelPin- About Us

Since its inception in 1995 as a partnership, The Valentine Group has emerged as one of the pioneers in the field of jewellery making and export. Valentine Jewellery India, the parent company, deals primarily in gold and diamond jewellery and has expanded its roots across the nation from the world’s ancient gem and jewellery destination - Jaipur. We further ventured into the field of Silver jewellery and thus Valentine Silver was formed in 2002-03. With its formation, the production base for our silver jewellery was given exclusive resources, allowing us to make silver products an edge above the rest in terms of global standards. 

With years of impeccable craftsmanship forming a glorious legacy, our international identity – ‘Valentine Silver International’ came into existence. It took forth the golden mantra of commitment, trust, integrity, and customer satisfaction to the next level for the global market. In 2009, the company shifted to the Indian Government’s highly secure Special Economic Zone – 1 (SEZ 1), as we focused exclusively on the jewellery export business.

Determined to keep the pace of development and high quality deliverance for our clientele, in 2015 we further expanded the factory from SEZ 1 to SEZ 2, making the much anticipated move into world class brass jewellery.

Along with its primary export markets in the U.S. and Europe, our company has broadened its network of trade and export across the world. With cutting edge technological innovation combined with a legacy of utmost trust and timely deliverance, today, Valentine Silver International stands in the global jewellery scenario as a force to be reckoned with.


The Valentine Group’s long legacy of success, trust and commitment is built on the foundation of a universally applicable set of moral codes that aims to harmonize ourselves as well as our social surroundings.

Our endeavor is to uplift certain under-privileged sections of our society by helping them gain financial stability, as well as emotional well-being. At first, the company took humble steps by organizing blood donation camps in numerous vicinities of Jaipur. Later, our focus broadened to encompass long term goals of upliftment such as empowerment and education which enabled deprived people to stand up for themselves and govern their own lives.

One of the more recent efforts in this mission was our adoption of a government school. We joined hands with worldwide organizations such as Akshay Patra and Vidhya Seva to fulfill the educational and healthcare needs of the attending children. The school was the only government educational institution of its kind in Jaipur to be visited by former United States’ president Mr. Bill Clinton during his recent visit in the country.

Valentine Silver has taken full responsibility for the infrastructural development of this institution by transforming it from a middle school to a better provisioned high school, enabling the students to dream bigger. To help these dreams take higher flight, we also provide scholarships to the children who seek further education.

You can find out more about our efforts and can make your kind contribution at Vidhya Seva.