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Wholesale Gold Plated Jewellery

Jewelpin is a manufacturer and online wholesaler of 14k Gold plated jewellery specializing in creating high-quality pieces. They offer a fantastic collection of jewellery for women to retailers and importers. Jewelpin serves its customers; its appealing jewellery can turn them into paying buyers. 14k Gold is a popular metal used in jewellery manufacturing due to its durability, lustre, and affordability. As a wholesaler and manufacturer of high-quality jewellery, Jewelpin understands the importance of using the best materials for its products. That's why they source their 14k Gold from reliable suppliers to ensure that their jewellery pieces are beautiful and long-lasting.

What are the pros of buying 14k Gold Plated?

14k Gold is a popular metal for jewellery manufacturing due to its durability, affordability, and versatility. The pros to buying 14k Gold are that it comprises 58.3% gold, and the rest comprises other metals. This mixture makes the 14k Gold stronger and resistant to dent and scratch. Compared to 22k Gold, they are more challenging than 22k Gold as they are very soft, can get dented easily, and can be damaged. The tone of the 14k Gold plated is warmer, which complements many wholesale silver gemstone jewellery, making it versatile.

Jewelpin - A Trusted Place to Buy 14k Gold Plated Jewellery

As a wholesaler and manufacturer, Jewelpin understands the significance of buying jewellery for an affordable price. They serve as jewellery exporters of 14k gold-plated jewellery and have different varieties of silver beaded gemstone jewellery and women's fashion jewellery. Jewelpin offers a range of varieties of jewellery that are attractive and versatile. Their team of skilled artisans carefully crafts each piece of jewellery to meet the highest standards of quality and beauty. Whether a simple pair of 14k gold earrings or an elaborate 14k gold necklace with precious gemstones, Jewelpin has the expertise to create stunning jewellery pieces that customers will love. It is a genuine and authentic place for customers to buy jewellery in bulk. It can offer customers luxurious and affordable jewellery pieces they will treasure for years.

Gold Plated Jewellery - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gold Plated Jewellery?

Gold jewellery includes accessories and ornaments made primarily of Gold, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

What are the different types of gold plated jewellery?

Different types of Gold plated jewellery include rose Gold, 10Kgold, 12K gold, 14K gold, 18K gold, 22k Gold, 

What is Pure Gold called?

Pure Gold is 24Karat Gold or 999 fine Gold.

Is it safe to buy Gold Plated Jewellery Online?

Buying Gold plated jewellery online can be safe if you purchase it from reputable and trusted sources.

How do you find a manufacturer to buy wholesale gold-plated jewellery?

To find a manufacturer to buy wholesale Gold plated jewellery, search online directories, attend trade shows, or contact jewellery industry associations.

How do I clean and care for my Gold Jewellery?

To clean and maintain your Gold plated jewellery, use mild soap and warm water, gently scrub with a soft brush, rinse well, and dry with a soft cloth.