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What is The Meaning of March birthstone - Aquamarine

Aquamarine gets its name from the Latin word for "ocean," and it is named after its compelling likeness to the water. Seafarers believed that this March birthstone had the capacity to calm tumultuous waves and protect sailors during their maritime trips in ancient times. Aquamarine is also related to the advancement of marital joy, according to the birthstone chart. The gemstone family to which Aquamarine belongs, Beryl, was said to protect the wearer from enemies in combat and legal problems. It was also said to impart invincibility and a cheerful mood to the user, as well as improve mental sharpness. As a result, Aquamarine and its Beryl cousins have a long history of protective characteristics and good influences, making them prized gems rich in symbolism and meaning.

What is Aquamarine's Origin and History? 

Dating back to ancient Egypt around 4000 BC, Aquamarine is a gemstone with a rich history. Its name originates from the words "aqua" meaning water and "marinus" meaning sea. The Greeks and Romans valued it for its relationship with the water and its calming powers. Aquamarine has long been revered as a sign of courage, protection, and tranquility in numerous cultures, and it remains a popular gemstone today.

Where was the March birthstone found? 

All around the globe, aquamarine gems can be uncovered. Major sources of this March birthstone include Pakistan, Mozambique, Brazil, Zambia, Nigeria, and Madagascar. These nations are distinguished for creating exquisite jewelry from the gemstone, which is cherished for its breathtaking blue-green hue and frequently incorporated into jewelry.

What is another March birthstone rather than Aquamarine? 

Another birthstone of March is the bloodstone. Bloodstone is a form of cryptocrystalline quartz called chalcedony, and the amount of chlorite particles in it affects the depth of its dark-green color.. Bloodstone gemstone is most recognized for its dark-green color with red specks. The presence of iron oxide in the stone causes the crimson dots, which can resemble drips of blood.

What are Aquamarine properties?

Aquamarine, a unique gemstone with distinct characteristics, is a member of the beryl family. Its captivating hue ranges from beautiful shades of blue to blue-green. This gem possesses a wide-ranging 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, delivering immense durability that works perfectly for jewelry. Transparent with a glass-like shine, aquamarine jewelry has become of great value. This gemstone is associated with soothing properties that foster feelings of peace, mental clarity, and emotional balance. Additionally, aquamarine gemstone jewellery is believed to enhance communication, stimulate intellectual abilities, and instill courage. These qualities contribute to its popularity across various applications.

What are The pros and Healing Powers of March birthstone – Aquamarine

Aquamarine, a blue-green type of beryl, is the birthstone for March. Thought to possess therapeutic qualities for ages, aquamarine has been believed to hold numerous advantages.

Generating feelings of serenity and tranquility, it is claimed that it can soothe emotions and calm the mind.

Improving communication and self-expression, it is believed that this gemstone enhances one's ability to convey their truth with confidence and clarity.

People who want to connect with their spiritual selves and understand their life mission may find that aquamarine is helpful. Some individuals feel it can also aid with stress and anxiety, as well as enhance the immune system and support the respiratory and digestive systems.

What are The Tips to take care of your Aquamarine Stone Jewellery? 

Keep your Aquamarine earrings away from harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. 

Store your aquamarine jewellery in a soft, dry place, separate from other jewellery. 

Clean your rings and pendants regularly with a soft cloth and mild soap. 

Have your jewellery professionally cleaned and inspected every year. 

Avoid exposing your aquamarine jewellery to rough surfaces or activities that could cause damage. 

Avoid wearing your aquamarine gemstone jewellery while doing housework, gardening, or any other activities that could expose it to damage.

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