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What is Ruby – The July Birthstone Meaning and Symbolism?

For millennia, the appeal of rubies has captivated observers all around the world. According to the birthstone chart, Ruby is the stone of the month of July and was thought to confer health, prosperity, and knowledge on nobles in Mediaeval Europe, making them highly sought-after among the elite. These precious gemstones were not only valuable in noble circles, but they also had military significance. Burmese warriors who owned rubies believed that wearing them brought them invincibility in battle.

Rubies were revered in ancient India as the "king of precious stones," with persuasive skills that brought wealth and success to their owners. The magical properties of rubies have captivated people from all nations and times. Rubies' attraction continues to enchant Ruby Stone jewellery like rings and pendants aficionados and collectors today, symbolizing passion, power, and elegance. Their deep red hue and rich history make them an enduring symbol of beauty and prestige, evoking generations of curiosity and admiration.

How the July birthstone- Ruby is formed?

Rubies are rare gemstones that undergo a natural formation process within the Earth, necessitating specific conditions. The exquisite red coloration of rubies arises from the red variant of the mineral corundum, which is subjected to high temperatures and intense pressure beneath the Earth's surface. The crucial factor behind the iconic red hue of rubies is the presence of chromium. However, the formation of rubies can be impeded if silica or iron is present. This obstacle, coupled with the inherent scarcity of corundum, contributes to the exceptional rarity of rubies. These captivating gemstone has been risen by the intricate interplay between geographical factors. Endowing them with their distinct beauty and value.
Where can you find them?

Rubies, precious Gemstones, have been cherished and celebrated in numerous mythologies throughout history. Possessing a ruby was regarded to give protection and safety to the wearer in ancient Hindu culture, and it was even claimed that sacrificing rubies to the gods could result in rebirth as an emperor.
Burmese soldiers believed that rubies conferred invincibility, thus they embedded these priceless gemstones into their bodies before entering battle.
Achametis's eighth-century Arabic work explores the symbolism of dreams with rubies. Dreaming of rubies was considered a favorable sign by Achametis, foretelling great joy and fortune in the dreamer's future.

Rubies were also prized by Chinese noblemen. According to legend, they would bury rubies beneath the foundations of their structures in order to invoke good fortune and assure profitable commercial activities.

The fact that rubies have survived throughout history is proof of how highly regarded and adored this gem has been by people all across the world. Its attraction transcends time and cultural barriers, cementing its place as a renowned and appreciated jewel around the world.

What are Rubies' Healing Properties?

·         Rubies are said to boost energy levels and stimulate the body's life force.
·         They are thought to enhance passion, courage, and motivation while eliminating negativity and encouraging positivity.
·         Blood circulation: Rubies are thought to boost blood circulation and energy.
·         Protection: They are thought to protect the wearer from injury and negative energy by functioning as a shield.
·         Rubies are thought to strengthen the heart, balance emotions, and promote emotional recovery.
·         Grounding and stability: They are said to give the wearer stability, balance, and grounding energy.

How to Take Care of and The Cleaning of Ruby Jewellery?

-         Consider the following tips for caring for and cleaning your ruby jewellery: Handle your ruby earrings and necklaces gently to avoid inadvertent scratches or damage.
·         Avoid strong chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemicals on your ruby earrings , such as home cleansers and cosmetics, as they might dull or damage the gemstone.
·         Clean your ruby jewellery on a regular basis with a mild soap and warm water solution. Scrub gently with a gentle brush, then rinse and pat dry.
·         Keep your ruby rings or necklaces separate in a soft pouch or jewellery box to avoid scratches and tangling.
·         Professional cleaning: Have your ruby jewellery professionally cleaned and inspected on a regular basis to keep its luster and ensure the settings are safe.

Some fun Facts About Ruby Gemstones

In the Sanskrit language, Ruby is known as Ratnaraj, which translates to the king of gemstones. The largest ruby in the world, weighing 40,920 carats, is currently owned by a Chinese jewelry company. In the past, before the 19th century, red spinel gems were often mistaken for rubies. Along with emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds, ruby occupies an important position among precious gemstones. Throughout history, notable rubies such as the 'Edwardes Ruby,' 'Timur Ruby,' 'De Long Star Ruby,' 'Black Prince's Ruby,' and 'Rosser Reeves Star Ruby' have gained great fame. The formation of this birthstone for July dates back over 50 million years, occurring deep beneath the Earth's crust through immense pressure and the presence of specific minerals.

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