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The Origin and Popularity of Aquamarine and Bloodstone Jewellery - March

Some many interesting stories and legends swirl all over the planet about gemstone jewellery. Out of several gemstones, aquamarine and bloodstone are a wonder to behold, both unique and stunningly attractive. This explores aquamarine and bloodstone jewellery in history and today. This includes their background story until now when they became one of the favorites in the market for diamond jewellery wholesalers. Aquamarine stands for the calmness of March, and the bloodstone is recommended for those who are serious and knowledgeable.

Origin and Significance

The name aquamarine comes from the Latin words "aqua,” which translates to water, and “mare,” that is, sea. This mineral is a colourless type of beryl and has been loved for its reputation as a peaceful stone of ocean blue colour for ages. It was also known as the ‘treasure of mermaids’ and aquamarines served as talismans for sailors on their journeys at sea. Aquamarine is a zodiac stone connected to Pisces, and its peaceful virtues help the owner maintain composure, courage, and relaxation.

Aquamarine Jewellery

Aquamarine's popularity in jewellery is unrivalled. From wholesale aquamarine gemstone jewellery collections to bespoke aquamarine earrings, its versatility appeals to various tastes and occasions. The gem is often cut into various shapes, enhancing its natural brilliance. Aquamarine rings, in particular, make stunning engagement or statement pieces, radiating sophistication and a timeless allure.

March Birthstone Meaning

As the birthstone for March, sea blue aquamarine represents rebirth, youth, and trust. Its relationship with the sea lines up with the evolving seasons, inspiring a feeling of restoration and new beginnings. March birthstone jewellery, highlighting aquamarine, isn't just delightful jewellery; it is also a significant festival of life and energy.

Bloodstone: The Stone of Courage

Origin and Significance:

The bloodstone, an antique-fashioned dark green variety of chalcedony embedded with little red spots, is a highly esteemed stone shrouded in ancient tales and stories. The red spots on the surface gave it this name. Bloodstone is traditionally related to bravery, fortitude, and medication. It was an essential material for carving seals and amulets by the ancients, and bloodstone was common amongst warriors so that they might add courage to themselves during battles. The connection of this stone with the horoscope’s sign for Aries only adds to its image of bravery and strength.

Amazing Bloodstone Jewellery:

Wholesale bloodstone jewellery captures the rich, earthy beauty of this gemstone. From bloodstone rings to beaded bracelets, the deep green color and distinctive red speckles make each piece unique. Bloodstone jewellery is not only a fashionable accessory but also a talisman believed to instil courage, enhance vitality, and provide protective energies.

March Birthstone Meaning:

Bloodstone shares its status as a March birthstone with Aquamarine. While greenish blue represents serenity, bloodstone complements it with its grounding and stimulating properties. Together, they make a dynamic duo, offering wearers an amicable harmony between serenity and strength.

Wholesale Gemstone Jewellery and Custom Designs:

For those looking for wholesale sterling silver jewellery, including aquamarine and bloodstone pieces, reliable providers offer a different range of designs. Wholesale custom jewellery manufacturers take care of individual preferences, permitting clients to make customised pieces that resonate with their remarkable style and symbolism. From intricate sterling silver gemstone jewellery to custom beaded manifestations, the choices are limitless.


Aquamarine and bloodstone, with their unique characteristics and historical significance, have carved a lasting niche in the world of gemstone jewellery. Whether adorning the fingers of those born in March or sought after for their symbolic meanings, these gemstones continue to captivate and inspire. As wholesale silver gemstone jewellery continues to evolve, aquamarine and bloodstone stand as timeless choices, connecting wearers to a rich tapestry of history and meaning. Moreover, if you are looking to buy this kind of stones in bulk you should consider JewelPin as a reputable gemstone silver jewellery manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions - Aquamarine and Bloodstone Jewellery  - March Birthstone

What does a bloodstone symbolise as a March birthstone?

Bloodstone is associated with courage, strength, and protection. As a March birthstone, it complements aquamarine, creating a balance of tranquillity and vitality.

Is bloodstone suitable for everyday wear in jewellery?

Yes, bloodstone is a durable gemstone, making it suitable for everyday wear in various jewellery styles, including rings and bracelets.

Can aquamarine be worn as other jewellery other than rings?

Yes! Water Stone's adaptability makes it a renowned decision for various types of jewellery. beyond rings, you can find lovely ocean blue hoops, charming accessories, bracelets, and even pendants. Its perfect and quiet presence makes it a sought-after gemstone for making immortal and exquisite pieces.

Why is aquamarine considered a birthstone? 

Blue aquamarine is viewed as the March gemstone, giving one of the quietest shades of blue that exist. Those brought into the world on these days are said to bring smoothness and true serenity. Sea blue is connected to the zodiac sign Pisces as indicated by Crystal gazing carrying one more profound sense to individuals who are brought into the world as Pisces. Its name comes from the combination of two Latin words aqua marina which translates into sea water and hence symbolizes its color.

Can I find wholesale aquamarine gemstone jewellery on JewelPin with custom designs?

Yes, JewelPin is a wholesale jewellery manufacturer that offers custom design options, allowing you to create unique pieces featuring aquamarine gemstones according to your preferences.