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Unleash Your Wild Side with Wholesale Animal Motif Pendants

Animal motif pendants are one of the oldest types of jewellery. We have an impressive animal motif pendant selection at JewelPin, which is a renowned premium silver gemstone jewellery manufacturer. We have a collection of animal pendants that have different faces, like peacocks, snakes, ducks, cats, dogs, panthers, and more, adorned with exquisite gemstones.


A Menagerie of Animal Motif Stone Pendants

Our animal motif stone pendant collection at JewelPin showcases a wide range of animal faces, each designed with incredible attention to detail. From the regal peacock animal stone earrings with their vibrant plumage to the enigmatic snake in the animal ring, the playful cat, the loyal dog, and the fierce panther, we have pendants to cater to every taste. Whether you are drawn to a specific animal's symbolism or simply appreciate their aesthetic beauty, our collection offers a pendant for every animal lover.


Gemstones Add a Touch of Luxury

We use different quality gemstones in order to enhance the appeal of our animal motif pendants. Our selection of gemstones includes garnet with a ferocious gleam, aquamarine that is as deep as the ocean, calm and soothing citrine, and the brilliant opalescent appearance of moonstone, all of which create harmony in every animal-inspired creation. The choice of these gemstones makes each sterling silver gemstone pendant not only luxurious but enriches it with an even deeper sense and meaning. You can also look for other embellishments, like cluster stone pendants or floral stone pendants.


In conclusion

Animal theme pendants from JewelPin offer a remarkable chance to commend the excellence and imagery of the animals of the world collectively while adding a hint of extravagance to your style. Explore our assortment and let your favourite creature pendant become a loved piece of your gem’s assortment.

Frequently Asked Questions - Genuine Animal Motif Pendant




What's The Meaning of Animal theme Gemstone Pendants?

Wild theme pendants commend our association with the natural world, addressing qualities and symbolism related to various animals. They can likewise be an interesting expression of your character.


Are The Gemstones utilized in these Pendants real?

Totally! These are real animal pendants, JewelPin values utilising just certified, excellent gemstones to improve the magnificence and worth of our pendants.


Can I at any point buy these Pendants in Bulk for Resale?

Indeed, as a wholesale silver jewellery exporter, JewelPin offers cutthroat pricing and a different scope of animal theme pendants for retailers and organisations around the world. Reach out to us for discount requests and stock your stock with these novel bits of adornment.