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Adorn Your Neck with Opulence - Wholesale Big Stone Pendants

Every article of jewellery at JewelPin a leading manufacturer of 925 sterling silver jewellery and a piece of renowned wholesale gemstone jewellery has a story. Inspired by the fact that every story has a unique style, our range of big stone pendants should fit in your personal plot, as this collection comprises a variety of semi-precious stones (either amber or garnet) and a choice of silhouette shapes (oval, round, teardrop). Our big stone pendants are a great option for a birthday stone pendant or a very meaningful present.


Gemstone Choices for Personal Significance

We have numerous gemstones to select from, and that’s where the beauty of our big stone pendants lies. The different gemstones, ranging from citrine, garnet, and peridot, among many others, come with their own significance that they represent. They are also meaningful birthstones for many people. The birthstone for each month is a precious jewel that always reminds an individual that he or she is special.


Select Your Preferred Shape and Metal

It's a given that the gems that you wear should show your character, or rather, supplement how you feel, and this is the place where the JewelPin comes in. We likewise let you select the manner in which your stone is molded and the sort of metal you need to bling. Our collection includes many different traditional rounds and modern heart-shaped structures. You can also choose between silver for added sophistication and gold for a hint of lavishness.

In conclusion

JewelPin's gemstone pendants are a reflection of your unique story and style. With selections of gemstones, shapes, and metal sorts, you can make a pendant that isn't just outwardly stunning but also profoundly significant. Explore our collection and make a statement with your big stone jewellery.

Frequently Asked Questions – Authentic Big Stone Pendant


What is the meaning of birthstone gems?

Birthstone gems are a customised and significant method for commending one's birth month, and it is believed that they bring good karma, protection, and prosperity to the wearer. Whether you select the single stone pendant or a pearl pendant.


Is gifting big stone jewellery suitable for any occasion?

Absolutely! Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or special milestone, our big stone rings, pendants or big stone earrings make for heartfelt and timeless gifts that reflect your thoughtfulness.


Are these pendants available for wholesale purchase?

Yes, JewelPin caters to retailers and businesses as a wholesale gemstone jewellery exporter, offering competitive pricing and a diverse selection of big stone pendants. Contact us for wholesale inquiries and provide your customers with personalised, exquisite jewellery.