A distinction reserved for pearls is that they are the only organic gemstones in the world. Pearls are mother nature’s inimitable gift to humanity. Typically formed under the sea by shellfish like oysters when an irritant gets fixed at the inner layer of mollusc shells, a pearl is difficult to come by. The respective mollusc then forms layers of calcium carbonate around said irritant, giving birth to a pearl over time. The modern age has witnessed the creation of cultured pearls, using a fine nacre covering that is capable of that unique pearly sheen.

However, only two varieties of molluscs actually form a lustrous and impeccable covering by use of ‘mother-of-pearl’. This beloved creation is a special favourite of gemstone jewellery suppliers worldwide, and most coveted in the global pearl market.


Ancient human civilisations like the Greeks saw pearls and believed them to be ‘teardrops of angels’. Similar stories drifted from the east where the Japanese thought of them as tears of mermaids, while the Chinese saw them as properties of dragons, to be won in a duel with the mighty creature.

Made famous by the 20th century fashion renaissance, pearls are now in vogue for casual as well as special occasions. Symbolising purity and innocence, a modern wedding is considered incomplete without a beautiful set of pearls shining on the bride. Heritage cultures continue the use of pearls in sacred rituals, adorning a deities with this glowing magnificence of nature.


A must for June borns, pearl birthstone jewellery is an exceptional aural object. Pearls are considered to be alive with pure natural energy, granting the wearer beauty and belief. Pearls are so steeped in natural energy that they are considered no less than a miniature moon around your neck or finger. They bring glow and grandeur to one’s appearance, cleansing the skin and making your body radiate with a ‘moon-like’ aura.

Care Instructions

Soft and sensitive, these creations of nature need love and care:

1. Acid/Heat Sensitive: The surface of pearls reacts harshly with even mild acids, since it is composed of calcium carbonate. Even abnormal heat conditions can corrode and harm your pearl’s sheen.

2. Cleanse With Care: the safest and most advisable manner to clean a pearl is to simple wipe it softly with soft wet cloth. Any harsh treatment even with hard flowing water is to be prevented.