One of the most endearing gemstones in the world, Opal’s opulence is renowned. An ornate addition to any true gem collection, opals are considered highly powerful - the birthstone of the month of October. ‘Opal’ is said to be derived from the ancient Sanskrit word ‘upala’, meaning ‘the precious one’; whereas its etymology also has roots in ancient Greek. It exudes a rare magnificence when it comes to gemstone jewelry.

A unique quality of Opal, well-known to most gemstone jewellery manufacturers, is its non-crystalline nature. A property special enough to earn it the name of ‘Nature’s Firework’.


This historic stone has fables extending all the way back to the medieval times. Considered a powerful amulet in those days, it has a guarded history of having exceptional healing powers. Therapeutic in nature, it has been observed to enhance the natural traits of the wearer, making him or her more established in their unique emotional characteristics. Its powerful connection with those born in the month of October has been documented over the ages. Intensifying love and passion, it enhances the emotional wavelengths of a person, syncing them to the world around them.


Opals come in varieties of natural colors and textures, with some of the most valuable being the black, white and fire opals. Carefully extracted by gemstone jewelry suppliers, precious opals are hydrated silica, with upto one-fourth composition of water molecules. Some of the rarest opals come in the shades of white, blue, cloudy, translucent and even reddish. It is the inclusion of the water element in the opals, that is said to bring natural powers of well-being to the wearer.

Care Instructions

The beautiful hues of opal need proper care and protection for longevity. Its play of colors can be darkened, thereby made to last longer with some best-wear practices:

1.1. Expose to Smoke: The porous nature of opals helps darken its color when exposed to the carbon in smoke.

2. Dip in Sugar Water: This delicately impacts the external layer of the opal birthstone jewelry, helping it retain its natural lustre. A coating of wax/oil can also be helpful.

3. Keep Away from Acids/Alkalis: Strong substances such as acids have corroding effects on the amorphous nature of opal gemstone jewelry, and must be kept away at all times.