A stone that needs no introduction, Diamond is the most precious gemstone known to man. Deriving from Greek words like ‘adamus’ and ‘adamantine’ - diamond refers to the ‘unconquerable’ properties of this piece of lustrous rock. Formed under unimaginable pressures and temperatures near the heart of our planet, diamonds appear near the surface only through massive volcanic activity. A form of unbreakable carbon, it has 140 times the cutting resistance of stones like ruby and sapphire. Just as priceless, real diamonds of the colourless kind are a treasure to behold.


Diamonds have been known to man since the beginning of cultured human settlements. The earliest traces of diamond trade and diamond jewellery suppliers were found in 4th Century B.C. India. Two millennia later, diamonds are one of human civilisation’s most prized possessions. While they have exceptional importance in many technological marvels, diamonds are purchased for both industrial and personal benefits. Perhaps, diamonds are the only stones that have pervaded both art and science in such an indispensable way.


A great symbol of fidelity, love and compassion, diamonds are said to enhance companionship between couples, as well as bring fortitude to character. Diamond birthstone jewellery has miraculous effects for April borns, considered to repel evil and bring diamond-like resolution to the wearers’ mind. The Roman-Latin adage of ‘Vena Amoris’ or ‘vein of love’, giving birth to the wedding custom of the ring-finger, is said to be a result of these mystical powers of diamonds.

Inspiring innumerable scientific researches over the course of modern age, diamonds have brought fortune to one and all.

Care Instructions

The famous proverbs go ‘you couldn’t care less with diamonds’, and ‘diamonds are forever’. In the truest sense, diamonds are infallible, showing no weakness. They can easily withstand the harshest cleaning procedures from ultrasonic machines, however, one needs to be careful with embedded diamonds and silver gemstone jewellery that may give way under harsh conditions.