Considered no less than the purest personification of the Sun, citrine used in gemstone jewellery is said to bring light to its wearers. ‘The November Birthstone’, its yellow amethyst sheen is said to energies the very spirit of November borns. A rare stone with unique specifications, gemstone jewelry suppliers acquire Citrine Birthstone Jewelry from exotic lands like Brazil, Bolivia, Zambia and Europe.

A yellow variety of quartz, Citrine is derived from the French word ‘citron’, referring to the lemonish color. However, citrine also comes in a wide range of golden hues, varying from light yellow, all the way to an alluring honey. In some circles, citrine is lovingly referred to as the ‘light maker’ for its wonderfully positive properties.


Known to ancient civilizations, citrine first came to be recognized as a golden-yellow gemstone in 300-150 BCE in Greece. This was a period that belonged to the Hellenistic Age, before which this precious yellow-quartz was not known as a gemstone, and was used for the decorations and tools for jewellery.

Once citrine was discovered as a highly coveted natural stone by the gemstone jewellery manufacturers of that era, the name of “money stone” got stuck to it. Back then, merchants used to carry it across the oceans for good fortune, and even today, it is a commonly held belief that citrine has the power to bring prosperity. For the same reasons, it is also referred to as the ‘Merchant’s Stone’.


Citrine, as a mineral, comes from the Silicon Dioxide group. The ‘coloring agent’ in this case is iron, meaning that the lemon hues that make citrine so popular among gem-lovers actually comes from the element iron. This unique chemical composition shows great medical benefits for the wearer. Citrine is known to reverse or slow down cell-degenerative diseases, chronic ailments, or tiredness. It fills the body with vibrancy, and is known to work against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. One of its best known benefits are to the entire digestive tract, helping improve the vital energies of your digestive organs.

Care Instructions

Citrine’s wonderful colors can last forever, if consistently cared for:

1. Protect from Blows: While completely appropriate for daily wear, citrine should be kept away from corrosive substances and safeguarded from impacts.

2. Clean with Water/Mild Soap: Any commercially available jewellery cleanser, or just plain soap water can be used to dip citrine for periodic cleaning.

3. Keep Away from Heat/Sunlight: Citrine’s hues are especially sensitive to prolonged periods of heat. To avoid your gemstone from fading, be sure you don’t wear it during sunbathing or store it in an exceedingly warm environment.