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12 Birthstone Jewelry Trend you’ll see Throughout 2023

Birthstone has always been a human need to keep attractive gemstones that have various benefits. The high priest of the Jews wears these priceless and sacred gemstones. Whether we discuss the origin of these birthstones or the concept of a birthstone, it is thought that the birthstone originated from Aron’s breastplate. This plate consists of 12 stones that represent the twelve tribes of Israel. These wholesale gemstones have some connection between twelve months and these twelve stones and zodiac signs. Many have different opinions about when these birthstones come into practice. Some say it came in Poland in the 18th of the century and others said it started in the 1560s. So, there are several, myths and legends about these stones and their properties of healing. According to them wearing these stones according to their birth month may increase the healing power.

The Conclusive Leads to Birthstone:-

It is thought that these stones have unique qualities and significance that can improve the lives of someone born in that month. Birthstones have been used in jewelry for thousands of years and are still popular. In this blog, you get a birthstone chart or a detailed guide to birthstones. The connection between these 12 stones and 12 months is their healing properties the way it works is magnificent.  Wearing the right stone at the right time helps you gain the benefit. So here are 12 birthstones according to their month with their significance and healing properties.


Garnet is the January birthstone and the word garnet came from the middle 14th century the word garnet means ‘dark red’. The astonishing red color garnet resembles a pomegranate seed a blood-red color. The January birthstone is a protective stone for the wearer, the stone works as a shield from injury. Jewelpin offers a variety of garnet jewelry options, including a stunning garnet and diamond pendant necklace and a classic garnet stud earring set.


Amethyst the stone for February month is known as God’s Jewel. Amethyst is worn by the royalties in ancient times. As this stone is the most important one. It works against drunkenness and impurity and has an astonishing purple color. This Gemstone protects the wearer from negative energy and promotes spiritual awareness


March has two stones that are Aquamarine and Bloodstone. The color aquamarine is thought to promote calmness and harmony in the wearer. Also, it is said that aquamarine will improve intuition and encourage clear communication. If we talk about bloodstone, this stone symbolizes bravery it is green in color with dark orange and red spots. This gemstone can be engraved in 14k gold to make a ring or pendant alluring.


April’s birthstone is a diamond, a classic and timeless gemstone that symbolizes love and eternity. Diamonds are believed to promote strength, clarity, and purity of the mind and body. Jewelpin has a wide range of diamond jewelry options, including a gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet and a stunning diamond solitaire engraved in sterling silver is the best piece for engagement.


As it is known how fascinating the emerald stone is. Its fine bright green color is breathtaking. It promotes harmony and intelligence in the wearer. It magnifies creativity and promotes devotion and loyalty.


Moonstone, alexandrite, and pearl are the three birthstones for June. Only June contains three different gemstones. You are lucky to call it your birthstone. Pearl originated from oceans, rivers, and lakes across the world. It promotes long life and prosperity. Moonstone is white and its healing properties are that for women it is the master healer and brings positivity, and inner peace. Alexandrite is a gemstone that reveals a sharp color change. This extremely valued gemstone is used in healing therapies. This is the stone of joy, grace, and glory.


Ruby, a deep red gemstone that symbolizes love and passion, is the birthstone for July. Moreover, rubies are thought to increase life and energy and shield the user from harmful influences. Jewelpin offers several ruby jewelry options, including a stunning ruby and diamond pendant necklace and a classic ruby stud earring engraved in wholesale silver Gemstone jewelry.


Peridot is the gemstone of August. This stone has a direct connection with the zodiac signs. Peridot is green in color. According to legend, it protected the night from the evil spirit. a diamond said to promote healing and renewal. Peridot is also said to promote positive energy and boost creativity and self-assurance.


September’s birthstone is sapphire, a rich blue gemstone that symbolizes truth and wisdom. Sapphires are said to enhance mental clarity, spiritual awareness, and intuition. This also functions nicely as attractive jewelry.


October month has two beautiful gemstones Tourmaline and opal. Tourmaline gemstones come in several hues but pink tourmaline is the birthstone for the Libra zodiac sign. It signifies love and humanitarianism. Opal, a unique and iridescent gemstone that is said to enhance imagination and creativity. It promotes inspiration and self-confidence.


The month of November consists of two gemstones that are citrine and Topaz. They are both yellow but slightly different from each other. As topaz comes in colors rainbow and citrine comes in bright yellow with some orange hue. Both gemstones of November are known for their calming effect and bringing fortune to the wearer.


Turquoise and Tanzanite are the birthstones for December. Throughout ancient times, people have valued turquoise, a blue-green mineral, for both its aesthetic value and its spiritual meaning. It is believed to offer blessings, luck, and healing energy. There is only one place on earth where the tanzanite gem may be discovered. More rare stones than diamonds make up its composition. It fosters mental agility and serenity. It promotes calmness and mental ability. Jewelpin is an exporter and wholesaler of pieces of jewelry like beaded jewelry and Gemstone jewelry. They offer a wide variety of birthstones according to the birthstone chart. It is a popular gift for birthdays and other special occasions. Jewelpin provides quality jewelry at affordable prices, perfect for any occasion.