Visually enthralling, Aquamarine is one of the most coveted gemstones in history. A sure-shot symbol of calmness and control, aquamarine can instill peace in even an onlooker. There have been recorded incidents of groups of people staring at the stone and expressing feelings of immense composure. An exceptional stone by all measures, aquamarine holds special significance as a birthstone for March borns. It is believed to hold the ‘wisdom of the seven seas’ within itself, bringing its possessor a grand vision of life.


Its name is Latin for ‘water of the sea’, believed to be the solidified essence of the oceans themselves. Legendary historical accounts speak of the aquamarine coming from the ‘treasure chest of mermaids’. For ages it has been considered a lucky stone for travellers, especially sailors. Gemstone jewellery wholesalers of the Carribean would talk of the stone’s power to calm the oceans. Symbolically, even today, it is said to bring the wearer a power to steer through the tumultuous ‘ocean of life’.


Aquamarine comes from the Beryl group of gemstones, with colour varying from deep blue to light blue, depending on the amount of iron in the stone. A rare ability of aquamarine is its dichroic nature: it appears to be colourless or blue, depending upon which angle it is viewed from. As per gemstone suppliers UK, US and the world, gem quality raw aquamarines can be found in huge sizes. The largest such aquamarine was found in Menas Gerais, Brazil in the year 1910. It weighed more than a hundred kilos and was further cut into 100,000 carat stones.

One of the few stones that are used with drinking water, aquamarines are believed to bring superior health to one who drinks water with aquamarine submerged in it.

Care Instructions

Aquamarines are highly susceptible to vibrations, and should not be cleaned with ultrasonic devices. Can we washed with plain or soap water and stored at normal room temperatures.