A semi-precious quartz of purple allure, Amethyst has been the centre of curiosity for gemstone manufacturers since ages. It is believed to radiate a magnificent aura that diffuses the surroundings with bright energies. Considered most apt for February borns, it is widely used in amethyst birthstone jewellery across the world.


A gemstone rife with magical speculations, amethyst has always attracted the curiosity of gem-lore enthusiasts. Its stunning purple attracts people visually, while its ‘light bringing’ vibes gravitate fortune. One of the few stones to be mentioned in the Holy Bible, the Old Testament called it ‘achlamah’. Greek history held the stone in high regard, calling it by a very specific name ‘amethyst’, which in ancient Greek means ‘detoxifying’ or ‘sober’.


Known for its distinctive colour, some amethyst stones come with very unique patterns and textures. These vary from thumb-prints to tiger stripes, to even feathers in appearance. While the stone comes in diverse shades like purple, violet and pale-red, the most precious of them all is considered to be the deep-purple tinge.

Amethyst has shown resplendent health benefits. Its aura is believed to emanate and mingle with that of the wearer himself. It enhances the working of the endocrine system, empowering immunity and helps in detoxifying blood. A stone of immense psychological power, its positive vibrations are sworn by gemstone jewellery suppliers of lore. A safeguard against insomnia, it has rare powers against geopathic stress and alcoholism - instilling a sense of sobriety in the wearer.

Care Instructions

Amethyst is a relatively hard stone, therefore can be safely cleaned and stored with normal measures:

1. Temperature Sensitive: Special care needs to be taken regarding shifting amethyst between places of high temperature differences. That may cause cracks in the upper or lower surface of the stone.

2. Solar Protection: It must be noted that keeping amethyst exposed in the sun for long hours may cause its purple to fade. Therefore ensure a shaded storage environment.