One of the rarest stones in the world, Tanzanite is a thousand times more rare than diamonds. It belongs to the Zoisite class of gemstones, and is one of the latest discoveries in the age old tradition of gemstone jewellery. Tanzanite was first discovered in 1957 in Tanzania, from which it derives its beautiful name. A good quality tanzanite stone is known the world over by its brilliant blue shade. More accurately known as ‘ultramarine’, the color is sometimes sapphire blue, wherein the blue tinge comes from presence of the rare element Vanadium.


Tanzanite was discovered in the Meralani Hills of Tanzania, after which the renowned Tiffany & Co. named it and introduced it to the markets of gemstone jewellery UK & US and other areas. By the late 1960s tanzanite had caught the admiration of the finest gemstone jewellery suppliers and wholesalers. Soon its radiant blue sheen and rarity had caught the imaginations of many a gem connoisseurs. Even today, it is most widely coveted for Tanzanite Birthstone jewellery exclusively for the month of December.


A rare stone to come-by, considering how it is only available in Tanzania, it has offers a wide range of benefits to its wearers. While other gemstones are more specific to star signs, planets or people, tanzanite’s opulence can shine upon anyone. An auspicious substance in itself, tanzanite is usually associated with Saturn, Mars, and even Jupiter. Thereby, gem-lore finds tanzanite to be a pleasant addition to anyone’s life, even if everyone cannot acquire it.

Care Instructions

A soft and rare gemstone, tanzanite is brittle in nature and should be handled accordingly:

1. Avoid Temperature Changes: Its brittle nature makes tanzanite susceptible to cracks if exposed to sudden temperature changes.

2. Too Rare to Wear: It is not advisable to use a stone as rare as tanzanite for daily wear. Should be worn on special occasions or at frequent intervals.

3. Never Clean with Steam/Ultrasonic Machine: Store separately from other gems, and make sure to use only mild soaps for cleansing.