One of the only four ‘precious’ gems in the world, Sapphires are a wonder to behold. Coming from the corundum family, same as rubies, they are the second hardest mineral on the planet. While it is considered the ultimate expression of the colour blue, it exhibits a wide range of colours from brown, pink, orange, yellow to purple and even colourless. This brilliant blue of sapphires is a result of trace iron and titanium elements. Derived from the Greek word sapphiros meaning blue, it forms the basis of some of the most precious September birthstone jewellery ever created.


Earliest known records of Sapphire mining extend all the way back to 1500 BC in Burma. Approximately 500 BC, we see traces of Sapphire gemstone suppliers in historic Sri Lanka. A beloved part of Persian culture, they believed earth was created on top of a brilliant blue cosmic sapphire, which granted the skies with its blue sheen.


Consisting of adamantine lustre, blue sapphires are considered a symbol of psychic powers that manifest a greater mental focus. One of the few gemstones composed of a hexagonal crystal system, sapphires expel negative energies and garner exceptionally positive surrounding vibrations.

A rare psychic phenomenon of sapphires is the activation of the throat chakra. As per chakra theories, sapphires can help open the third eye, giving the wearer insight into pure wisdom.

Care Instructions

Belonging to the ‘hard and durable’ category of gemstones, sapphires need only be protected from dust and stains that reduce its lustre. Simple cleansing in lukewarm water is beneficial for this purpose. More importantly, sapphires are recommended for ultrasonic cleansing to keep your gem in perfect form.